Our cabins utilize a combination of technologies to achieve a viable off-the-grid solution for heating and energy needs. For heating, we are proud to offer a remarkable little wood stove manufactured by Unforgettable Fire LLC, called the Kimberly™ Wood Stove. It is small, lightweight, portable and yet quite powerful. It stands at just 25” high with a diameter of 10” and weighs only 56 pounds. It requires only 2 square feet of installation space and needs only 6” of clearance for the 3” stove pipe. It is also extremely efficient and can burn for up to 8 hours on a single load of wood fuel. Capable of heating up to 1500 square feet of well-insulated space, the Kimberly™ also burns very clean, producing just 3.2 grams of emissions per hour due to it’s secondary burn gassifying technology. For off-the-grid or survival minded people, that means the Kimberly™ produces hardly any tell-tale smoke. In addition, the top surface of the Kimberly™ doubles as a cooktop! You may have already heard of the Kimberly™ as it was featured in a recent Popular Mechanics article as one of 14 finalists (out of 261 contestants) in an international Wood Stove Decathlon competition. For pricing of the Kimberly™ stove, accessories and installation components, click here. For Warranty information and Refund Policy, click here.

Hidden Meadows Colorado is an AUTHORIZED DEALER for Unforgettable Fire, LLC, makers of both the Kimberly™ and the Katydid™ wood burning stoves. 

Stove Options

Primary electrical power is supplied by a Solar generator system with two 250 watt panels, 3000 watt Pure Sinewave inverter, and a bank of four 250 amp hour batteries (for a total of 1000 amp hours). Supplemental electrical power can be generated by an optional 30 watt Devil Watt thermoelectric generator that can be plugged directly into the battery array via a 12 volt socket. The thermoelectric generator can be placed directly on top of the Kimberly™ Wood Stove or the propane stove to charge cell phones, laptop computers, run 12 volt appliances, or even to recharge the battery bank when the sun isn’t shining.

Compost Toilet

Each cabin includes a Nature’s Head composting toilet as standard equipment, so there’s no need to hook in to a municipal sewer system or install a septic tank. It is a truly off-the-grid sewage solution. We were initially skeptical about the whole concept of a composting toilet, but we’ve found that this particular model works great and has no undesirable odors or unpleasant emptying/cleaning routine. And it is very simple to use: just fill the bottom receptable with about a one gallon bag’s worth of peat moss (or coconut fiber), and remember to rotate the agitator handle at least three times after each use. 

Rainwater Collection

Each cabin also includes a complete rainwater collection system as standard equipment, with two 330 gallon tanks, two First Flush Diverter filters, and two high quality secondary water filters to ensure that your water is always clean, safe and potable. In addition to the rainwater collection system, the property also has two wells. 

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